Holiday is about family. We are a second-generation, family owned-and-operated sausage manufacturer with over 40 years experience custom crafting gourmet made-to-order sausages in a variety of styles and forms.  Fresh sausage. Family service.  Authentic tradition. This is the Holiday difference.


This is a family business in every sense of the word: three generations have worked here and just as important, we treat our customers as family — serving them only the best food, with love. That’s what families do.


The recipes, the work ethic, the quality, the value, the joy we bring to creating our products and serving our customers are all authentic. We take real pride in making the best damn sausage in the world. Every day, every bite.


Our food is hand-crafted each day of the finest ingredients. Never any fillers or preservatives. All natural. All fresh. All the best.

Holiday Sausage has been making delicious handcrafted sausages daily in Cleveland since 1976. We use only the finest ingredients: fresh never frozen, boneless pork butts and picnic hams; freshly ground, custom spice blends; and all-natural casings. Both bulk and rope sausages are custom made to order and never compromised with additives, fillers, or other preservatives.    

Holiday delivers on a personal promise of freshness, quality, and authenticity. Our family crafts thousands of pounds of sausage daily, in small, made-to-order batches. While the flagship Italian sausage is the company’s top seller, hundreds of other fresh sausages are also produced in many different styles (bratwurst, chorizo, Hungarian, andouille, etc.) and proteins (pork, beef, chicken, and lamb). Along with all the many styles we currently produce, we have also expanded into working closely with chefs  to develop signature sausages for their use all across the food service industry: from huge arenas to small corner pizzerias. Our strict attention to detail creates products even the fussiest connoisseurs can trust. The result of all this care and quality is a great-tasting sausage that chefs can be proud to serve to their guests. We do the heavy lifting, and let the chefs get the compliments. 

In 2017, we completed the construction of a new state-of-the-art production facility to help us better serve our customers.